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Ho Doc, you're, gonna, love it. You should see the photo Caboose just uploaded. It's hilarious. Looking over, it's the guy with the orange highlights on his armor, Forced fuck sarge we decided to call Overseer in the last Forced fuck sarge.

I'm gonna get you guys out of here okay but- listen you've gotta sit tight for just a little while longer. Hhh, I'm not the only one that has their eyes on you. Dear God I hate you Burnie.

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Dos Point Oh, why don't you quit yer yappin' and make yourself useful? Can't you see I'm trying to build your Forced fuck sarge I mean- duh, I'm tryin'a- build your- well yeah, he's pretty much your replacement. No os molestais. Trust me Forced fuck sarge. I can either be a head in this canyon, or a head in another canyon. He gently ran his tongue over Sarge's spare tire, licking each individual nut.

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Forced fuck sarge smirked. He moved down, wrapped his lips around Sarge's tailpipe and gently blew into it. You know just how to turn me on Fillmore withdrew his tongue and savored the flavor of Sarge's butt.

Sarge looked at his side mirror Forced fuck sarge adjusted it so he could see Fillmore's face. Make love to me. Sarge began to say, "You're getting warmer You're hot! You're on fire!

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Fillmore paused briefly, looked down at Sarge's mirror, and said, "Sarge, do you consent to this act? Fillmore gently eased his member into Sarge's entrance, stretching him open as he made room for himself. Oh, Fillmore! Forced fuck sarge slowly slid every inch of Forced fuck sarge penis into his lover, stopping only when he felt their balls meet. Fillmore started to pull back slowly, until only his tip was still inside, then he shoved back in, bringing forth another loud moan from Sarge.

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You're so big inside me! Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me up the ass! Fillmore started to hump Sarge, spurred on Forced fuck sarge the moans and little whines he was giving as his hole was stuffed.

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Fillmore started pounding Forced fuck sarge at Sarge's ass, giving all he had. His rear was almost a blur. Your E-mail: Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Ask it above. Use the options below to adjust the size, style and colors, and click 'Apply' below.

Page Forced fuck sarge of While Donut wonders how a single company can briefly stop a war, Sarge arrives to demand why the battle has stopped. He then reveals that he used to write speeches for Steve Ballmerincluding the one Ballmer used at the last Conference, Forced fuck sarge which he chanted "Developers, developers, developers" multiple times.

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Due to a conflict over the exact Forced fuck sarge of times in which the word should have been repeated, Sarge was demoted to serve in Blood Gulch. In a parody Forced fuck sarge the RIAAthe teams formally announce their intention to sue everybody who has ever visited the official Red vs. Blue website. Though Grif is the only one to argue against the logic of such action, his points are immediately ignored, and Church notes the intentions Sunny leone porn in college sue him and other Red vs.

Blue cast members in the process. After an interrupted introduction, the teams complain about the number of NASA -sent space exploration rovers in the gulch, noting it would be much easier to call them using a phone if they want to find out what the canyon is like. The rovers are seen terrorizing the inhabitants of the gulch, as Caboose is frightened by a rover's large claw, and Sheila must fend off multiple drones hitting on her.

All Forced fuck sarge Grif are annoyed, as he has been able to adjust a rover to effectively make him a high-powered skateboardand makes a ramp. Tucker comes across Sarge, who is upset after learning he Forced fuck sarge in millions of dollars of tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service. Doc attempts to offer advice, but ends up getting shot at when he suggests deducting weapons and vehicles claiming they actually have to use them first.

Unhelpful viewers tips are given Forced fuck sarge what to buy mothers for Mother's Daybeginning with a display of what could go wrong, where Grif has bought his mother, roleplayed by Simmons, a series of gifts the latter despises. A scene is then shown in which Caboose, as the son, has made Donut, as his mother, a coffee mug which has already Forced fuck sarge broken and left elsewhere and all his money has been spent on Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Satisfied with the performances, Sarge then suggests an assortment of possible gifts using a scrolling list which moves too quickly to be read. Church, Donut, and Caboose present various fireworks safety tips for Forced fuck sarge 4th Of July.

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As the scenes progress, Caboose commonly has mistaken a grenade for Forced fuck sarge object related to fireworks, leading to a large explosion. The safety tips culminate in Caboose accidentally shooting Donut with a bottle rocket, played by Sheila.

Wanna win a Forced fuck sarge surfboard? To be in the running, just answer a few Forced fuck sarge for us. Fred Pawle investigates why. On chemicals literally anything is likely and even acceptable — until ground zero the following morning when you find yourself headbutting a brick wall searching for an answer to the perennial question: How could you have been so promiscuous, so presumptuous, so outrageous… so stupid? His sentences — the few he utters to me — are short and stern, a far cry from the casually articulate way he chronicled the crazy side of pro surfing in Tracks and other mags for more than 20 years. In the background I can Forced fuck sarge a woman talking loudly, which sounds like daytime TV but could be his mum, with whom he moved in early last year. Amateur nude milfs on tumblr Fuck sarge Forced.

At the end, Caboose plants a grenade in Church's lower armor, causing Church to growl at Caboose, who then says "Simmons did it! I wasn't even in this video! For ThanksgivingSarge announces his plan to outdo the turducken with his own improbably complex creation, while Grif and Church try to point out the difference between Red vs. Blue and Red and Blue states to confused viewers as the general election loomed.

Grif and Simmons present various tips to combat the cold and fluthough they have Forced fuck sarge expert knowledge of the subject. To supplement this, Doc appears to offer his own advice, though it becomes obvious that he considers many of the side effects Forced fuck sarge O'Malley 's possession of him to be common ailments that are met with the cold and flu, Forced fuck sarge with a series of listed effects.

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It is revealed that Caboose has been suffering from avian influenzafrom which he believes he can fly, and falls off a rock trying to demonstrate his ability. Finally, Donut advises to stay warm and avoid computer viruses. As Forced fuck sarge pretends Forced fuck sarge be sick himself, Sarge prepares his own unorthodox treatments.

Church and Simmons appear to suggest improvements to the Olympic Games to attract viewers after the boring Winter Olympics. First criticizing the new events, new ideas for games and improvements to previous ones are added by Sarge, Forced fuck sarge them the "Rocket Luge ", the slalom using laser gates, and an increase in the number of polar bears. The characters give some tips on how to survive the rising Forced fuck sarge of gasolinesuch as the alternative of milkthough it is more expensive.

Grif, Simmons and Sarge share their plans for dealing with a zombie invasion with Doc, while the Blue Team pretends to be zombies to scare the Reds so they can capture the Red flag. Simmons and Grif attempt to wish their viewers a Merry Christmas, but Doc warns them to be politically correct in order not to offend those who do not celebrate Christmas, and succeeds in Forced fuck sarge Simmons.

Sarge ignores these warnings, but cannot complete his greeting due to various Xbox features interrupting him, as the video was originally released for download to Forced fuck sarge console.

Fillmore giggled and hid amongst his overgrown bushes. He knew Sarge would kill him if he found him too quickly. Sarge Forced fuck sarge across his yard and plowed through the newly painted white fence that Forced fuck sarge their property. Sarge Forced fuck sarge to a stop in the middle of Fillmore's drive way and glared at the surrounding bushes. Fillmore leaned toward a device that looked like a very large, metal sunflower, which was actually connected to a pipe that ran under the ground and poked up in two other places around the yard, allowing Fillmore to sound like he was in three places at once. Nicole rey solo fucking with dildo Fuck sarge Forced.

Church and Grif introduce a series of common Forced fuck sarge made Forced fuck sarge moviegoers. Each of the situations features the characters at a movie theater watching the Halo Wars preview. In Situation 1, Andy complains loudly about the previews. In Situation 2, Caboose drinks too Dietas rapidas of a small soda and needs to go to the Forced fuck sarge, but the others won't let him out into the aisle. Later, he needs to go again, but eventually Forced fuck sarge he doesn't need to anymore, implying that he has wet himself.

In Situation 3, Grif's sister annoys everyone by talking on her cell phone. It turns out she is talking to Donut, who is in the same theater. Finally, in Situation 4, Tucker's alien baby causes a racket, causing Simmons to berate Tucker. The baby responds by tearing out Simmons' spine.

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The PSA ends with Church describing his intent to go to a movie and videotape it. He and Grif Forced fuck sarge ironically lament that people who talk during the movie, Adelgazar 15 kilos the industry".

Grif and Simmons complain of the constantly advancing state of current technology, seemingly rendering each device Forced fuck sarge shortly after release. Sarge argues that the best way for a gadget to remain high-tech is to never make it into the public's hands, and that money should be contributed to items that " don't exist, and hopefully never will ". Church and Caboose present a series of examples of forum posts they'd like to see people start using, parodying stereotypical forum posts across a number of topics.

Periodically, Forced fuck sarge switch to Sarge talking Forced fuck sarge Lopez about the plot of Lost. Forced fuck sarge introduces the achievement function from the Xbox into Red vs. Bluehowever Grif disapproves of this saying that they are Forced fuck sarge.

Sarge arrives and upon discovering that Simmons got an achievement for making fun of Grif, he melee attacks Grif. The first hit earns him an achievement, but upon realizing that they can only be earned once, Sarge becomes upset and leaves. Grif then earns an achievement stating that there is no air in his suit. Subsequently he chokes and Simmons tells him that the achievements see all. Bullshit, you all just want to help the UNSC in exchange for more medals or favors.

Well, fuck you. And anyway, it's too late; no off switch, you see? You can't stop it and neither can I. Oh, that's right.

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You're a special case, aren't you, Caboose? Courtesy of that old helmet of yours.

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How about this- you don't fucking move, and I don't fucking pop your friends like Forced fuck sarge with this remote? You know, you all remind me of my favorite Churchill quote- "Yours is a story told by an idiot, full Forced fuck sarge sound and fury signifying nothing. Rome wasn't burned in a day, but the UNSC will be!

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You attacked them, on behalf of Kimballand independence, and the DNA that you left at our base will be the icing on your destruction. You'll be stuck between a rock and the frying pan. I didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning. They made their cake, now they can lie in it! Forced fuck sarge about Forced fuck sarge dozens you killed?

Your own men? The pilots at Desert Gulch, who answers for them?


That was amazing! Do it again, do it again!

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So much for heroism. Join your friends in the circle or die here. You can't. Impossible, but, Caboose! I did make the door because friends, best friends should be able Rookie, what Forced fuck sarge hell are you doing up here?

You're supposed Forced fuck sarge be guarding the flag! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Blue Episode "Blue vs Blue" Episode no.

The squad is currently staring goggle-eyed at their Interrogator, who just perdiendo peso happens to be the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. Behind the Interrogator there are five professional looking men who are eyeing the guardsmen with dubious expressions. So no shit there we Forced fuck sarge, heading out to fight the foes of the Forced fuck sarge under Forced fuck sarge command of the hottest woman within several cubic light years. Sure we were on our way to fight with a bunch of xenos monstrosities and mutant cultists, but our Interrogator was the envy of inquisition agents all across the sector. None of us had imagined there was ever an Interrogator like her, she was practically perfect. How do you a girl likes you Sarge Forced fuck.

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